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Pictures from this year’s RemFest

By Kelly

Remingtonian prepares to blind kids with science. … not literally, of course

Submitted with tacit permission from Bear Tooth

Peru offers a branch of cinchona to Science (from a 17th century engraving)

As you may have heard, there will be an after school Science-Camp in Remington this fall.  The camp will be held Tuesday and Thursday evenings in Kromer hall (Remington and 27th St).  The first session of Science Camp will be on September 21st and the last session will be October 21st.  The project sessions start at 6pm and finish at 8pm.  I am in desperate need of volunteers to help during the project sessions.  I anticipate 10 youth between the ages of 11 – 16 signing up for the camp, the science experiments are complex and help would be greatly appreciated.  Volunteers are not expected to help with every session, if you are interested email me and I will sign you up on the volunteer schedule for the evening that works best for you.

For more information refer to the article on Science-Camp in this month’s newsletter or email the Science Camp Organization Team at:



Wanna buy or sell some cheap crap?

In THIS economy, the buying and selling of cheap crap is of great importance. At the Butchers Hill fall flea market you can buy a space for $25 to sell your wares, or just browse everyone else’s stuff for free. Yes, I realize that this event is not in Remington, but it is in Patterson Park, a place you’d be crazy to not visit, especially when you can find some good deals, hear some free music, enjoy hot food, and maybe run into me! Go to the Butchers Hill website for more info.


Rem Town has a Flickr group, finally.

I hear all kinds of stories about Rem Town and what goes on in it, and I try to document all of the (g-rated) ones I can. But sometimes words fall short. And sometimes words are boring. So to get a good snapshot of the neighborhood, I went ahead and took the liberty of creating a Remington Flickr group. If you have some good photos of the neighborhood, click on the link, join the group, and post them for all to see; it’s free and easy and only takes about five minutes. Got some photos of Hauntingdon Ave. from last year? Post ’em! Got some pics of porch art? Post ’em! Got some pictures of Merriam? You get the idea. And if you don’t want to join Flickr, you can still bookmark the group and check out what people are snapping from time to time, right? In other words, it’s fun for everyone.


Sweet Sin needs your help!

The hearing to decide the fate of Sweet Sin’s liquor license will be held this Thursday, August 12th, at 1:00 pm at City Hall. If you support Richard in obtaining his liquor license so he can open his restaurant at the corner of 27th and Howard St., please attend the hearing to show the board that residents support this establishment. If you can’t make the hearing in person, please email Jane Schroeder at to register your support.

I am out of town for a few weeks, so I will be emailing instead of attending. After much discussion, Richard has agreed to the hour restrictions set by the Charles Village Civic Association, and we in Remington support this agreement. I think that this restaurant, although technically in Charles Village, could be a great boost to Remington. It would activate a corner that is currently dead, making Howard Street safer and more viable, especially at night. Who knows, maybe one day there could even be outdoor seating at this location – which, if anyone who has been to Dizzy’s or Rocket to Venus knows, puts eyes on the street (Jane Jacobian, sure, but pretty much true), creates a neighborhood gathering space, and strengthens another local business, especially important as the giant 25th Street Station project comes closer to fruition.

Please help keep a great cafe and restaurant in business and support Richard via this hearing.


A few more Sun articles, and people may actually know where Remington is.

The newest Remington shout-out comes in the form of a nice little write-up in the old Sun about Porch Art, GRIA’s homey, campy, DIYey art program for youth, led by Beth Barbush and held on her porch every Tuesday. (So, yes, to answer your question, “Porch Art” is not just a clever name.)

Stop by tomorrow and check it out!


Merriam vows to singlehandedly rid Stony Run of invasive species, even if it takes him a lifetime

* Photo credit: Dominic Terlizzi, artist

Special edition of Porch Art next Tuesday

Remington Community Youth, in conjunction with the MICA Summer Art Institute, will be holding a youth-run collograph printmaking session this Tuesday, July 27th, at Porch Art Night, at 2942 Huntingdon Ave. from 6:30 to 8:00 pm.

Come down and support your community youth in their artmaking efforts, learn how to pull a print, and take your print home with you! The youth will also be exhibiting their artistic creations which were made in the last five weeks at the Church of the Guardian Angel. Please join us in celebrating some wonderful youth-made creations, and learn a new skill, too!

– Shana

Porch Art

Tuesday, July 27th

2942 Huntingdon Ave.

6:30 – 8:00 pm

An old favorite and a new classic

Drink Anything, Mac Burns at The Zoo, 7/16/10

Black Bear, Won’t You Come Over Here?, Mac Burns at The Zoo, 7/16/10


It was very dark in the room so apologies for the crappy video; you’re probably better off doing something else online and just listening to these like audio tracks.

To the person who asks at the end of the second track, “Man, was someone recording that?”: yes.

Mac assured me he’s working on a new album so look out for that to “drop” soon on a basement merch table near you.

Also thanks to This Frontier Needs Heroes and the other bands I don’t know the names of who played at the Zoo on Friday. As always, great music at a great price.


Remingtonian has website; you should visit it.

Remington resident Erich Steiger has a website: You should go to it. According to the website, antilog is “an avant garde music recording project that documents the sonic explorations that naturally occur in the Mid-Atlantic region of the US.”

What does that mean, exactly? Well, there are some pretty cool recordings of experimental music, sound effects, and talks. Take some time and listen to a good sampling to tracks on the site to get a good idea. Be patient.

Well that’s pretty much it. Instead of describing my reactions to the tracks, I’m going to simply let you visit the site and snoop around without any expectations. Enjoy!